Smart Home & Mobility 2035

UX/UI | 3D Visualization

In this project, I collaborated with a transportation designer to develop user experiences and system-focused narratives that explore various day-in-the-life scenarios. Scenarios utilized research to identify audience needs and defined the contextual nature of user experiences as framed within the interior of a level 4/5 autonomous vehicle.

Full Ecosystem Demonstration

This day-in-life video showcases a system that can connect communities by increasing quality time among family members, while also providing wellness throughout daily life. Increased happiness & better relationships then allows users to improve their productivity across their personal and protessional lives.


User Research

Our users are a family who lives in Fairbanks, Alaska.The parents are the 35y/o father and 38y/o mother with two children.They use a shared vehicle for a commute of 30 minutes to work every week-day. Both of their children also require a ride to school and daycare.


Design Phase

Our users' daily challenges include long days and nights, while also experiencing high rates of seasonal depression due to the hours of darkness among changing seasons.During iterative phases, we explored solutions revolving around mood lighting and light's relationship to wellness for the Alaskan residents.

Final System Lock-in

Madie is the AI living in the Lava system's devices. The humanist system works with the
family in their daily life and assists them throughout their long days and nights in Alaska with empathy and adaptation to their evolving life circumstances.

Personalized UI based on different needs.

Vehicle Features

The resulting interfaces feature mood-lighting and modular arrangement systems. The rail around the vehicle has a screen for hands-on interaction and control providing an experience which includes the senses through tactile participation.

The party bus mode is for socializing between friends and families for celebratory events and circumstances.